Buying Pet Food Online Is A Practical Solution To Modern Living

It might seem that buying your pet food online is an exercise in indulgence, but its practical advantages make it a winning option in a demanding modern world. Buying online has become a major part of a modern lifestyle in which time management is a key skill, and convenience is arguably the most sought after trait of any service. It is no longer enough for a business to welcome customers into a store and offer them good prices.

They are now expected to bring the store to the customer. Online shopping is huge, and while buying clothes and cinema tickets might seem fine, the idea of shopping for groceries for ourselves over the internet remains slightly strange. So, too, might shopping for food for our pets. The realities of modern life makes it far more attractive to buy Royal Canin dog food that Rover loves so much, or the Burns dog food that is specially formulated to improve the delicate digestive condition Fifi recently developed, over the internet, a perfectly practical solution.

Huge Savings

There is no getting away from the fact that online shopping provides the ultimate bargain hunting experience. While it may be simple enough to buy a few tins of Pedigree Chum at the local pet shop, there is no doubt that the price per can there is higher than on online pet stores.

The savings can be as high as 50 percent, depending on the product and brand name. While it may seem that just 2p or 3p can be saved on each can, sticking to your normal purchasing pattern will eventually mean that a significant amount of money could be wasted. Simply calculate how much food your dog or cat eats each month, multiply by 12 and then calculate the difference. Between canned food, mixers, treats and other bits and pieces, the savings could be in the 100s of pounds. Bulk


One of the biggest advantages to buying canned dog or cat food online is that there is a practically endless supply available.

Online stores are extremely well stocked, and so it is easy to buy supplies for the entire year ahead, if necessary. Bulk purchasing is par for the course, and so placing an order for a year supply of dog food is a good idea. This also means that the savings to be made are even greater, with no need to worry about purchasing again in the year and the total savings made available immediately. So, the extra cash can be used to buy something special.

Convenience in Purchasing

With all the food, treatment and accessories that a pet needs each year, taking care of them can require a lot of time and effort. Modern living does not tend to allow much time for even grocery shopping, so to keep your pet food supply topped up is also not always easily accomplished. But by turning to an online store, your shopping can be done in all of 5 minutes. Then, your order will arrive within a few days at your door. There is no longer a reason to upset your regular day schedule, and no reason at all to stress about getting the food your dog loves most.

Vast Selection of the Best Brands

Of course, nobody wants to buy just any old brand of food for their pets. Getting quality pet food online is just as important to the online shopper as the high street shopper. Online pet stores can afford to provide the widest possible array of brand names, much more in fact than the high street store that has a limited amount of storage space. So, the best online stores will provide a wide selection of the leading brand names, like Pedigree, Winalot and royal canin dog food, as well as special recipe foods catering to the needs of pets with specific health concerns.

For example, the provision of foods free of allergens to treat animals with diet related health problems, which is served by brands like hills dog food. These are just a few of the advantages that come with purchasing all of your required pet food from online pet stores, not to mention the array of pet meds and accessories too. Saving money may be the most obvious, but the benefits that can be passed on to your pet, in terms of nutrition and health, make it worthwhile anyway.

The Benefits to Buying Pet Supplies Online

Why shop for pet supplies online? There are many reasons why people are taking advantage of online shopping for their pet products.

You can buy pet products on the web that include: pet food, pet grooming equipment, pet furniture, pet carrying cases, pet accessories, aquariums and accessories, books about pet care and more. Many people are using the web to buy all sorts of items for themselves and are finding that purchasing other things they need online such as items for their households and their pets saves time. With a busy lifestyle, doesn’t the idea of ordering dog food for your household with the click of a mouse instead of braving the stores and the parking lots make much more sense?

What kinds of pet supplies?

Whether you have a dog, cat, hamster, rabbit, parrot or aquarium full of fish there’s surely a retailer who sells exactly what you want on the web. If you don’t do any online shopping due to not having a credit card, that’s ok, too. You can find some pet suppliers who even deal with PayPal which means that you don’t have to mess with lack of a credit card because paying by PayPal works just as effectively and gives you the ability to buy online and have your items shipped directly to your house. Simply transfer money over to your PayPal account or pay by e-check.


Variety of products available makes purchasing on the web a fantastic option. You can find things you wouldn’t usually see locally for your pet. This can be especially helpful for consumers who reside in rural areas.


The idea of saving time from shopping is a good one. Because many specialized pet foods and pet goods come from specialty shops, doing shopping for your pets means an extra trip. The alternative is purchasing regular food from your grocery store and the commercial food available might not meet the needs of your pet adequately. The convenience of ordering pet goods online is increasing for this reason.


It once was that ordering something on the web and having it delivered to your house meant a inflated price. This just isn’t the case any more due to the sheer amount of online business owners who want your dollars. Prices are lower and coupons are sometimes offered to potential customers to win over their business. Factoring in the price of gas and parking as well as the price for your time running around to shop makes Internet shopping seem very worthwhile when you break the pricing down.

If you are still wary about buying pet accessories on the web, give it a shot once and see what happens. odds are, you’ll find the process so easy and hassle-free that you’ll begin looking into ordering more stuff on the internet. The marketplace that exists on the web offers plenty of options for your pets. Not only can you order pet supplies on the web but you can also purchase books as well as find handy info about the health of your pet as well.

Pet Food – Save Money Without Sacrificing Quality

Pet food can be expensive, particularly if you follow the current marketing trends and buy the fashionable ‘natural’, ‘holistic’ or ‘lifestyle’ brands. These have been created not only to fill the need for better quality pet foods but also to persuade pet owner to trade up to more expensive products with a better profit margin. It makes good commercial sense!

Yes, feeding a pet can be expensive, particularly if you have a dog or cat, and there’s plenty of advertising and marketing pressure to get you to part with a lot of money to feed the many different foods out there on the pet shop and supermarket shelves. Add the words ‘Natural’ ‘Holistic’ or similar to a brand and watch the price go up!

Bear in mind that big brands such as Pedigree, Iams, Eucanuba and Royal Canin spend £millions on advertising, research and sponsorship through the year (How much does it cost Pedigree to sponsor Crufts? A lot!) This money has to be recovered, and that’s through increasing sales but also larger profit margins – it’s common sense if you think about it.

However, there are several ways that you can feed a good quality food and save a considerable amount of money.

Buying a 15kg bag of dog food works out cheaper per meal than buying a 2kg bag (Eucanuba Adult is listed on one site at £39.99 for 15kg, £21.49 for 7.5kg and £11.29 for 3kg – do the maths and see what you save.)

If you can’t carry a big bag home then have it delivered – several brands and online pet shops offer free or minimal postal charges, and you get the food delivered to your door. Other pet shops have their own delivery service in their catchment area – check them out!

Some shops offer bulk deals – Pet Planet in Jan 2008 list Eucanuba 15kg as buy 2 save £20!! If you can store it and use it in a reasonable time, then why not save a few well earned £££s?

If you are feeding a cat, the same applies – many pet shops or online stores will deliver tins in bulk. Ask, and they should offer you a quantity discount that you can offset against the delivery charge if there is one.

Some pet shops offer their own brands, particularly on bags of dog food. Are they cheaper because they are poorer quality than the more well known brand? Not necessarily, because of two factors.

Firstly, they are probably made by the same company that makes the well known brand! A handful of pet food manufacturers make food for brands like James Wellbeloved, Arden Grange and Burns Pet Nutrition but also make food for hundreds of other companies and pet shops, using the same machinery, similar ingredients and following the principles of the trade organisation PFMA. There are only a few manufacturers around, and plenty of brands – you might think that the brand you buy is made by that company, but you may well be wrong, it could well be made by the company that makes your local supermarket brand!

The easy way to check is look at the ingredient list and see what the food is made of, then compare the cost between the shop food and the branded food – similar ingredients but £s cheaper? Then why not try the shop brand – if it doesn’t suit, a good pet shop will replace the food.

Secondly there’s the profit chain. Pet Shop brands are cheaper because there are fewer middlemen taking a cut of the retail price (A prime example would be the new premium Pets at Home food in its shiny new bag. A 15kg of dog food retails at under £30, up to £9 cheaper than some others for a recipe which is as natural and hypo-allergenic as any premium food on the market – and a money-back guarantee!).

Then there’s the range of products around – check out the different brands, and you’ll be surprised at what’s out there these days and the opportunity to save money and not compromise on quality. Check out recommendations on brands

You don’t need to buy expensive treats for dogs. Have you discovered the delights of giving them small pieces of carrot or broccoli/cauliflower stalk?

No? Why not, because they are cheap, natural and actually do your pet a bit of good, unlike some of the other stuff on the market. These are all naturally sweet, and many dogs simply love them!